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Local Draft Beers

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Barlovento Brewing - Manatí, PR

Galeón 90/ (Scottish Ale)

A strong, malty beer with notes of coffee, caramel and honey. This unique beer is matured in oak and aged on rum to add a unique and complex aroma that highlights the excellence of native products.

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Galeón IPA (American IPA)

Golden Full-Flavored and Well-Hopped Ale Formulated to combine the Tradition of English Ale Brewing with the Emerging Flavors of American Hop Blends, To Achieve Crisp Flavors and Complex Tropical Fruit Aroma

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Boqueron Brewing - Cabo Rojo, PR

Pale Ale (American Pale Ale)

This is our own creation, we select different malts and hops at the time of purchase. We have developed various recipes based on what we like to call the Caribe Ales experience. This beer may be pale straw to copper in color, but don’t be fooled, it is smooth and refreshing. The yeast strain used produces a clean taste that promotes, the malts and the floral aromas. Its light to medium body and its medium bitterness are trades that make our Pale Ales a perfect combination with beef and spicy foods. Come on, don’t be afraid….why have the same beer?

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Crash Boat IPA (American IPA)

Premium British malts and American hops are the showcase of our IPA version. We use Britsh malts to lend a malty/sweet backbone and American hops for their signature flavors/aromas. We have put Old and New World together to create a beer that can please lovers of both malty and hop-forward beers. Our IPA is copper to amber in color, with an off-white head.

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Dacay Brewing - Guaynabo, PR

Red Ale (American Amber)

This red ale is our expression of balance and freshness. The combination of malts give this beer an incredible array of flavor profiles. You perceive a slight roasted taste with a sweet flavor of caramel and balance of hop flavors and aromas that you will love. This is a local favorite.

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IPA (American IPA)

This copper toned IPA has an array of hop aromas and flavor that are perfectly balanced by our blend of malts. This IPA gives tribute, to the traditional American IPA.

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Golden Ale (Blonde Ale)

A light and fruity blonde ale with a slightly tart finish. Very refreshing!

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FOK Brewing

Brown Red Ale (1.0) (Amber Ale)

The perfect entry-level craft beer for those seeking a refreshing, easy drinking ale with some nutty and malty flavors.

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Ingeniero MicroBrewery - Manatí, PR

Mother Hopper (Double IPA)

This brew delivers you with that extra kick IPA lovers crave for with a surprisingly refreshing taste.

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Porter Rican (Porter)

This full-bodied ale has a slight burnt caramel flavor produced by roasted malt. It is infused with cocoa beans grown in Puerto Rico and hints of vanilla to provide a creamy dark chocolate after taste.

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Old Harbor Brewery - San Juan, PR
old harbor

Taina Smoked Porter (American Porter)

Very smokey and smooth, chocolate malt with a dry finish.

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Old Harbor Pale Ale (Pale Ale)

A full-bodied copper colored pale ale prepared with magnificent flavors of American hops and balanced by using carmelized malts with hints of smooth fruit flavors from yeast. A nose of a fresh hops without the bitterness.

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Santo Viejo (German Pilsner)

A deep, golden colored Pilsner, this medium bodied beer has a mild malt flavor that is served unfiltered and naturally carbonated.

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Red Dragon Breweries

Drakko IPA (American IPA)

A light bodied IPA, with a pronouced aroma of hops. A very refreshing not too bitter beer, perfect for those who are starting to get into craft beer.


Saphire Saison (Saison)

Very aromatic with a citric bite that comes from the use of local orange (naranjas) peel and coriander seeds. Perfect for any occasion.